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Once Again

Once Again Spreads | 6 Pack

Once Again Spreads | 6 Pack

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Once Again®

Hazelnut Spread with Cocoa and Milk® 

Our Hazelnut and Milk Chocolate spread is made with carefully selected, organically grown hazelnuts, and combined with cocoa, milk and a variety of organic ingredients. Enjoy this delicious spread on its own, or elevate any ordinary snack into a gourmet luxury. Pairs perfectly with fruit, cakes and pastries or as a topping over ice cream or frozen yogurt.

Ingredients: Organic Cane Sugar, Organic Roasted Peeled Almond Paste, Organic Skim Milk Powder, Organic Low Fat Cocoa Powder, Organic Sunflower Oil. 

Extra Creamy Almond Milk®

This almond butter’s composition makes for an incredibly versatile ingredient. Blanched almond butter’s sauce-like texture enables it to be easily digestible and lovely to use in your favorite recipes such as almond milk, smoothies, soup bases, stir-fries, salad dressings, and veggie or fruit dips. Our blanched almond butter contains only one ingredient - almond! Unsalted and unsweetened.

Ingredients: Blanched Organic Almonds. 


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