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Spectrum Sesame Oil

Spectrum® Sesame Oil. Our sesame oil is an expeller pressed oil that is gently refined. This oil is an excellent companion for stir-fry and sautes. Great when used for sesame vegetables, sesame shrimp or chicken dishes. This oil is best for high heat applications like sautéing, frying and all-purpose cooking. This is a Non GMO food product.


100% Mechanically (Expeller) Pressed Refined Sesame Oil.

Spectrum Organic High Heat Sunflower Oil

Spectrum® Organic High Heat Sunflower Oil. Our oil is higher in monounsaturated fat and lower in both saturated and polyunsaturated fats than regular sunflower oil, and pure heaven for high heat cooking. This oil has a high heat high 'smoke point' making it ideal for sauteing, frying and other high heat applications. This product is Non GMO and USDA Organic certified.


100% Mechanically (Expeller) Pressed Refined High Oleic Organic Sunflower Oil.

Spectrum Peanut Oil

Spectrum Peanut Oil. Our unrefined peanut oil is expeller pressed from lightly roasted peanuts for a taste and aroma akin to peanuts fresh from the shell. Toss it with warm soba noodles and slivered scallions for a aromatic sensation, or pour it in a pan with slices of squash and sweet onions. Gild anything with its rich, nutty flavor for a dish that's as good as gold. This oil is best for sauteing or pan-frying over medium-high heat or, because of its full body, in sauces and salad dressings.


100% Mechanically (Expeller) Pressed Unrefined High Oleic Peanut Oil.

Spectrum Organic Canola Oil

Spectrum® Organic Canola Oil. Expeller pressed, high heat refined. Gold superior taste. Spectrum® organic canola oil is the perfect cooking companion for the delicious masterpieces you are creating in your kitchen. Whether you're making sizzling kung pao, spicy enchiladas or a rouille to finish your seafood stew, it's the right oil to choose. It's neutral flavor, high heat tolerance, and stores of monounsaturated fat complement any culinary creation. This oil has a high "smoke point" making it ideal for sauteing at high heat and baking because of its neutral flavor. A non hydrogenated fat food.


100% Mechanically (Expeller) Pressed Refined Organic Canola Oil.


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