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Baycliff Company Sushi Chef

Baycliff Company Sushi Chef

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Baycliff Company Sushi Chef Nori Toasted Seaweed Sheets

Baycliff Company Sushi Chef® Nori Toasted Seaweed Sheets. Nori is a sea vegetable, which is cultivated in screened salt water inlets. Once harvested, it is chopped, rolled and dried in the sun and then toasted into crisp sheets. Sushi Chef® Nori is especially delicate and flavorful. Its thickness makes it less likely to break when rolled. The flavor, aroma and crispness of Nori is enhanced by quickly passing the shiny side of the sheet over a flame just before use. Nori sheets are wrapped around sushi rice and fillings to form rolled sushi. When cut into strips, Nori is used to secure finger rolls or to add flavor and color to scattered sushi. Crumbled Nori is an attractive garnish for salads or rice.


Toasted Seaweed Sheets.

Baycliff Company Sushi Chef Mirin Sweetened Sake

Baycliff Company Sushi Chef® Mirin Sweetened Sake. Mirin is sweetened rice wine that is an essential ingredient in Japanese cooking. Sushi Chef® mirin is of the highest quality. It is made in the traditional method of careful brewing and aging, which results in a warm, richly flavored cooking sauce. Mirin is used in marinades and dipping sauces, and in such popular dishes as teriyaki, sukiyaki, and tempura.


Fructose, Sake, Water, Yeast Extract, Caramel, Lactic Acid, Succinic Acid.

Baycliff Company Sushi Chef Sushi Vinegar

Baycliff Company Sushi Chef® Sushi Vinegar. A specially seasoned rice vinegar that is brewed in a slow and natural process that is centuries old. When mixed with warm rice, it adds the characteristic sheen and flavor of fine sushi rice. It has a delicate, sweet, yet tangy flavor. It is a particularly good low fat salad dressing.


Rice Vinegar Diluted with Water to 4.1% Acidity Sugar and Salt.


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