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Twinings Of London

Twinings of London

Twinings of London

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Twinings of London 100% Pure Black Tea K-Cup Pods English Breakfast

Twinings® of London 100% Pure Black Tea K-Cup® Pods English Breakfast. English Breakfast is our most popular tea. To create this well-balanced blend, we carefully select the finest teas from five different regions, each with its own unique characteristics. Tea from Kenya and Malawi provides the briskness and coppery-red colour while Assam gives full body and flavour. The robustness from these regions is complemented by the softer and more subtle teas form China and Indonesia. The combination of these varieties yields a complex, full-bodied, lively cup of tea that is perfect any time of day.


Fine Black Tea Expertly Selected from Kenya, Indonesia, Assam, Malawi and China.

Twinings of London Flavoured Black Tea K-Cup Pods Earl Grey

Twinings® of London Flavoured Black Tea K-Cup® Pods Earl Grey. Fresh, fragrant and flavoured with distinctive notes of citrus and bergamot, this Earl Grey tea has all the taste of the original. Compatible for use in all Keurig K-Cup brewers.


Black Tea, Bergamot Flavoring.


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