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Konriko Brand Creole Seasoning

Konriko Brand Creole Seasoning

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Konriko Brand Creole Seasoning

Konriko® Brand Creole Seasoning. Wheat & gluten free. No MSG! A masterful blend of spices that makes every meal a celebration. This product is Non-GMO. The early settlers of French ancestry took seasonings that were plentiful like salt, red pepper, chili peppers, garlic, etc. and masterfully blended them to enhance the taste of vegetables, seafood, poultry and wild game well beyond their ordinary flavor limitations. The result...Creole seasoning. Not just a mixture of spices, but a whole new meaning of the word "flavor". Now you can enjoy this zest in your foods. Try it tonight. Use it with no limitations - on any type of food, whenever you like. Simply use Konriko® brand creole seasoning like salt in cooking and at the table. It is especially good in barbecuing. Just season, then refrigerate the meat for one hour before cooking.


Salt, Red Pepper and Other Spices.


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