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Lundberg Organic Quinoa Tri-Color Blend

Lundberg Organic Quinoa Tri-Color Blend

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Lundberg Organic Quinoa Tri-Color Blend

Lundberg® Organic Quinoa Tri-Color Blend. A colorful gourmet field blend of quinoa. An incredible grain providing all nine essential amino acids as well as a good source of protein, iron, and dietary fiber. This beautiful variety naturally produces a blend of colored quinoa in the field, including white, brown, red, and black seeds. When cooked, each seed has its own unique texture and savory, nutty flavor that comes together to form a delicious dish. Tri-color blend quinoa makes a great meal on its own, and is great for salads, or as a base for a variety of colorful recipes. This product is Non GMO, USDA organic and gluten free.


Organic Quinoa.


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