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4505 Chicharrones

4505 Chicarrones Classic Chili & Salt Fried Pork Rinds

4505 Chicarrones Classic Chili & Salt Fried Pork Rinds

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4505 Chicarrones Classic Chili & Salt Fried Pork Rinds

0g carbs per serving. Crispy clouds of porkaliciousness. Founded in 2009 by chef and butcher ryan farr in san francisco‡ with the support of family and friends, 4505 meats chicharrones were born out of his commitment to whole animal butchery. 4505 want to chance the way you buy and eat meat. We purchase the same humanely raised meat that we feed our family, raised with care by dedicated ranchers committed to good husbandry practices. Our crisp, light texture comes from cooking in batches, a tradition that dates to the original chicharron. We also fry the skins in rendered pork fat to minimize waste and utilize multiple parts of the animal for sustainable production. Humanely raised without added antibiotics or added hormones pork raised on family farms in a stress free environment that produces natural behavior and socialization. This salty & spicy snack is a great sidekick to beer, cocktails, or sparkling libations of all kinds. Tasty with salsa, queso dips or a variety of spreads. Gluten free and paleo certified!.


Pork Rinds, Coconut Palm Sugar, Salt, Spices, Fried In Rendered Pork Fat


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