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Bear's Fruit Kombucha

Fair Trade Kombucha | 12 Pack

Fair Trade Kombucha | 12 Pack

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Bear's Fruit is the only Certified Organic & Fair Trade Kombucha in the U.S. brewed with 100% whole, organic fruit - no sugary juices, flavors, powders, extracts or any other weird stuff. Fun fact: Your body can only process 10 oz of kombucha at a time, which is why Bear's Fruit in a slightly smaller bottle based on science! Proudly handmade by humans in Brooklyn.

This is a tale of two strangers who decided to quit their (pretty solid) day jobs within weeks of meeting to co-found a kombucha company. ‚ Seriously - that's actually what happened. ‚ On one fateful night in July 2016, Chris and Amy met at a party that neither were invited to - Amy's date vanished so she was wandering aimlessly until she stumbled into Chris, who was carrying a houseplant for the host he didn't know. Chris told Amy she had nice eyes, but insisted …that's not a compliment. They became fast friends.

When Chris told Amy he made kombucha, she was a wee bit nervous to try, since she doesn't exactly have a poker face. Fortunately, Amy didn't have to fake it - his was the best kombucha she'd ever tasted. As it turns out, Chris cracked the kombucha code after three years of home-brewing, which he started doing as a hobby to remedy to an unfortunate wisdom tooth incident. While Chris had a day job in animation (you can thank him for all 45 of the Ice Age movies), Amy spent her career shaping some of the world's biggest brands, including "better for you" beverages like ZICO Coconut Water. When Chris said he was selling this magical kombucha, unbranded,‚ ‚ to a local cafe in Brooklyn, Amy knew she needed to help her new friend. She told Chris she'd be willing to walk away from her career to co-found a company together because she believed in the product, but insisted …that's not a compliment :)

That's how Bear's Fruit came to be. It may sound crazy, but fortune favors the bold.


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