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Middle Eastern Spices | 12 Pack

Middle Eastern Spices | 12 Pack

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Handcrafted Middle Eastern Pantry Staples, Condiment-Vegan, All Natural, and Made in the USA.

Za'atar Spice‚ Flavor Ingredient(s)
Zažatar leaves (Origanum syriacum), Sumac, Sesame Seeds, Extra Virgin Olive Oil & Salt.

Shawarma‚ Spice‚ Flavor Ingredient(s)
Coriander seeds, Cumin, Paprika, Garlic, Spices, Sunflower Oil & Salt.

Ras El Hanout‚ Spice‚ Flavor Ingredient(s)
Coriander seeds, Ginger, Clove, Black Cardamom, Turmeric, Spices & Sunflower Oil.

Hawaij‚ Spice‚ Flavor Ingredient(s)
Turmeric, Cumin, Black peppercorn, Cardamom, Coriander, Clove & Sunflower Oil

Baharat‚ Spice‚ Flavor Ingredient(s)
Black peppercorn, Cinnamon, All Spice, Cumin, Rose Petals, Spices & Sunflower Oil.

Ground Sumac Berries‚ Flavor Ingredient(s)
Sumac Berries

Rosey Harissa‚ Flavor Ingredient(s)
Chili Peppers, Paprika, Rose Petals, Spices, Sunflower Seed Oil, Garlic, Salt

Fiery Harissa‚ Flavor Ingredient(s)
Chili peppers, Cumin, Spices, Sunflower Seed Oil, Garlic, Salt.

Herby Harissa‚ Flavor Ingredient(s)
Chili peppers, Fennel Seed, Oregano, Spices, Sunflower Seed Oil, Garlic, Salt.


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